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Skype: unetop@outlook.com

Paper honeycomb is delivered in compacted form to customers. Before use, it has to be expanded to get the correct opening of cells, this can be automatically done by the expander.
The unexpanded honeycomb core is fed into expander passing through electric heater which ensure precise moisture content in the paper, then it comes out in a uniformly expanded format which offers max compressive strength. This, through an in-built and automatic cutting blades, cut to desired length ready for production.

1. optimum utilization of materials
Helps customers to save 20-25% of materials as the honeycomb is expanded and cut to desired sizes as against doing it manually.
2. achieve max compressive strength
As the moisture content in the paper is brought to very low before production.
3. faster production time:
Up to 6m/min (varies via models) can be achieved. As the honeycomb is cut to size and adequately expanded (not contract back as against expanding manually), it increases production efficiency observably.