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Tel: +86 512 6671 7182
Fax: +86 512 6671 7182
Mobile: +86 180 1261 2762
E-mail: info@unetop.com.cn
Skype: unetop@outlook.com
Skype: unetop@outlook.com

Company Profile


Unetop is a honeycomb materials supplier, which managed by team members who have decades of experiences in honeycomb manufacturing.

We mainly involve in manufacturing a variety of honeycomb cores and sandwich panels, which include aluminium honeycomb core / panels, aramid honeycomb core and panels, paper honeycomb core, and vacuum adsorption tables.

Since its inception, Unetop is dedicated to provide the most reliable and cost-effective products to our customers. Our marketing strategy helps to supply high quality honeycomb at very competitive prices to our customers and potential buyers. Flexiblity, experience, and ability to tailor solutions to satisfy diverse customer requirements have sustained our successful development, to become one of the most reliable supplier of Chinese honeycomb materials.

Honesty, Integrity, Raliability and Credibility are the main characteristics of Unetop. Operating both in China & UK, constantly providing high quality products and services helps us to race ahead of export and thus, making us to be more and more competitive.